My Ahegao Experience [MF]

I never knew what Ahegao was until I met Chuck. Let alone hentai or anime.

I started seeing Chuck early last spring and our sexual chemistry was insane. We had fucked a couple dozen times and it always brought me to the brink. Chuck was your average guy, 5' something, decent muscle, and an attractive face balanced by a firm and wide jawline. He had shaggy hair and for as long as I know has been into nerdy things.

Slowly he introduced me into his nerd life showing me action figures it shows or anime he liked.

He introduced me to one piece and I took a liking to it and started reading it to catch up as it gave us something to talk about. Chuck one day recommended a new site for me to watch it on that had less ads and I suggest we watch together.

The side bar ads immediately popped up hentai and the top one had a moving tile slide of Ahegao. I had never seen that style and immediately snickered at it and asked Chuck if that's what he liked. He almost seemed shy and I could see some red in his face. Immediately feeling bad as if I'd just kink shamed him I grabbed his thigh and said oh honey u like that face?

I looked at the screen and back to Chuck and stuck my tongue out and crossed my eyes. 'like this' I murdered with my tongue still hanging. Chuck laughed at me and his laugh only made me try pushing my expression further. I would roll my crossed eyes up and down and let my tongue hang making an ahh noise and started pushing my tits together.

Idk how long is been doing it but when I uncrossed my eyes Chuck was silent again. I didn't understand why until I looked down and saw his throbbing hard cock bulging through his pants. I bit my lip and smiled. " Without hesitation I clicked the link. The site brought up a whole page of Ahegao links and faces and gifs of the squished lusting faces.

Mmmm I can do better than that I thought to myself.

I dropped down to my knees and scooted his pants down to his knees. I was greeted by his hard pulsing cock popping out if his pants standing at attention. I grabbed the tip stroking it as I popped his left balls in my mouth. I started to moan crossing my eyes staring (I think) towards his face.

I spit and slurped both his balls stroking his cock until I could feel his body squirming. I licked my tongue along the shaft of his member up to his tip and stopped at the top. I stuck my tongue out letting his dick rest against my tongue as my eyes crossed and swirled and I made girly moaning noises I didn't even know I could make.

Warm salty precum hit my tongue and it I immediately lapped it up. I would throat his cock gagging and then coming up opening my eyes swirling my tongue out along the tip and then swallowing it to the back of my throat again.

Now was the real show. I laid back onto the floor and grabbed my tits pushing them together. "Fuck me daddy" I said in my most anime voice I could muster. Surprisingly my voice went up much higher and I could tell by Chucks cock standing at attention he liked it as well.

He slid his cock in as my eyes crossed hard and I stuck my tongue as far as I could. He started pumping and became more forcefully demanding I stick my tongue out further. I gladly obliged and it almost became part of the sex. Like clenching your hips to press your bodies closer my eyes crossed and rolled into the back of my head and my tongue fully hung out now dripping spit down my face and chin. I moaned loud and high pitched as I came screaming his name Chuck picking up rhythm and as the quakes hit my hips he pulled his cock out stroking his shaft spraying my face and tits in cum. He paused over top of my stroking his shaft of every drop and I inadvertently just held the face. I couldn't even see anything with my eyes crossed and rolled back so far but I could sense it. Chuck's glaring approval of my cum covered Ahegao face staring up at him as he stroked his last drops of spunk onto my face.

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