The Offer part 2

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Stephanie sat across the street from the gate, switching her gaze from the gate to her over night bag that held makeup and a few things, to the gate, to the letter showing her tuition owed was nearly $4k, which covered not only the coming semester but her portion unpaid from last semester. She had driven by this gate many times, and always wondered what was back there. Looking at her phone, she saw the time, and sighed “You cannot fail” she said out loud, then sent her text “I’m at the gate” it said. Slipping the car into gear and releasing the clutch, she pulled out, across traffic, and stopped at the gate.

Dan was nervous. He couldn’t believe he was really doing this. Looking at his phone as he stepped into the elevator, he saw via the security camera the old Toyota pull in. He hit the ‘open’ button, and was walking out under the carport as she pulled up. Dan Roberts was 55, yet he had not yet suffered male patter baldness. To burn off energy, he had long ago hired a coach. The last year plus of hard work had given him a slim yet muscular body, certainly not the body pf many men his age. Seeing her pulling up, he pointed to the empty spot, just past his truck. “So welcome,” he said, and taking her bag, said, “Yeah, so this is the downstairs part. I own an built the apartment complex. Most of these are little 1-2 story apartments, I had one built on the 3rd floor here, at the top of the elevator.” Seeing her look, he smile and shrugged. As the door closed, she stood facing away from him. Dan was telling her it really wasn’t a big deal, this place. He was just starting to doubt himself, when she stepped back and into him. Instead of talking, he just looked at her and smiled. “damn door” he muttered, as the elevator door opened. He liked Stephanie’s smirk and chuckle, as she walked across and in to the apartment.

Stephanie was indeed impressed. Hell, she was just happy it wasn’t some damn trailer, but this was nice. She allowed him to show her the apartment. It was not a luxury type of apartment, but was quite nice. There was also a nice terrace that offered a scenic view of Lake Martin and Saint Andrews bay, really a NICE place, and she was relieved, afterall, she was going to spend the next two days here.

“So let’s sit out here and talk a moment” she said, and they did “So I am here” she said.

“I’m just happy you didn’t throw coffee at me” Dan replied.

She again smirked, but remained on subject “Why me?”

“You get to the point” Dan replied

“Yes I do,” she said, so again…”

“Why you.” Dan finished. “Like I said, I’m a widower. I don’t want to date some woman and lie to get sex, which is a want I choose to see as a need. At the same time, I have no want to look for a prostitute either, as that is just plain wrong.”

“Glad you see it that way,” Steph said. “I spent a lot of time thinking about this. I now better understand your motivator. I will admit, you are not unattractive, but remember, I am doing this for my future, so that leads me…”

“To the remainder of your tuition.” Dan replied. “I have to say, this started off as a crazy-ass idea on a lark, but in thinking it thru, here is what I am thinking.” Setting down a bank card, Dan said, “On this card is $3K, like we talked about. If you agree to what we talked about yesterday, go ahead and set your email and password. When done, I am going to transfer another thousand in there. Once there it is yours, I cannot move it back or any of that.” As she did so, he added, “In the Master bath off the master bedroom you’ll find something hanging up. Change into that, then come back here.”

Stephanie had figured when would spend her time naked, but was pleasantly surprised to see a set of PJ’s hanging up . Leaving her clothes neatly folded, she returned to the den to find Dan sitting in boxer briefs and a T-shirt. Indicating that she sit on the couch beside him, Dan tenderly took her hand and said “This is going to be about fun, Stephanie. I intend to ‘dress’ you in this and other forms of lingerie. Why? Because I like lingerie.” Standing her up, Dan had her stand & turn for him. “Wow, you have a really sexy body.” He said, “I really like your hips”

“I’ve never been a fan of my breasts,” Stephanie found herself saying

“I think your body shape is just perfect.” Dan replied. Again taking her hand, he moved her to sit this time on his lap. He was sure she had noted his tenting his underwear and could now feel it pressing on her. Holding her firmly, Dan moved in very close and said, “I have always loved those lips…” and they kissed.

He didn’t kiss like an old man, Steph though. She had seen that he was in shape and could feel his strength. When he puked back a bit, she pressed in, and kissed him again. If she had to do this, she figured, she might as well enjoy at least this part of it. Breaking the kiss she said “let’s go to-“ and was surprised to feel this man take hold of her and stand right up. She felt herself uttering a laugh at that, she had never been ‘whisked’ like this, but she enjoyed it. They kissed a bit more, and presently she felt herself being lowered onto the King size master bed Steph had noted that this older man was in quite good shape & now she wanted to see if it was in shape too, so as he released her she took hold of his underwear and looking up said “Lose that shit, Mister.” And as Dan pulled it over his head, she tugged down his briefs. He must have been excited, as his underwear was wet on the front, and she she tugged them down was very pleasantly greeted with a large, erect dick. Stephanie was no perfect judge of length, but this appeared to be maybe 7 inches or so, and damn was that thing thick! She was amazed at how it stretched across her had and was just about to open her mouth, when a smiling Dan Roberts pulled himself back

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