The Offer Part 3

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Shaking his head, Dan whispered not yet, my pet…” and taking her by her hips, he pulled her powerfully to the edge of the bed, electing another giggle. Dan had waited a very long time for this, and he had a specific plan in mind. Taking her PJ shorts by the hips, he removed them s-l-o-w-l-y, enjoying the sight and the sensation of peeling them off. Stephanie Robin’s pubic hair was trimmed on the sides, but the area above her pussy was round, thick and raven black too. Locking eyes with her, he reached under her legs to place a hand either side of her hips, and they slid back a bit, onto the bed. Now it was his turn to smile, and stretching himself out, Dan started with a kiss inside her thigh, moving quickly to her lovely pussy.

Every woman has her own unique taste, and Stephanie Roberts was no different. Dan started low, using his broad tongue to push aside her labia, then moved up, to where he ever-so-slightly suckled her bright pink, lovely clitoris. Feeling her arch and groan, Dan released, and began working his way down to her vagina, almost penetrating her with his tongue, then back to her clit. He enjoyed taking control like this, feeling this woman half his age alternately grunt, squeal and pant, as she arched and moaned in reaction to his artful use of this mouth and tongue.

Stephanie had other lovers in her life. Many were quite skilled, but THIS guy was certainly doing his best to get to the top, as it were. Once she had even had a really brief affair with another woman, and Dan Roberts was the only one besides Katelyn that ever came this close. Speaking of Cumming, it had been awhile she allowed herself any ‘comfort’ like this, and this man seemed in no hurry…not that she was complaining.

“Uhhhh….Oh sh-sh-shit-t-t-t. I could..I co-could.” She managed to get out.

His mouth finally breaking the seal with her pussy, Dan Roberts said down low “Ladies don’t curse, and that means you.” Giving her pussy a long lap he added, “Stephanie, I want to make you cum, you understand, but please make sure you make it loud, OK?” Before waiting for an answer, Dan placed is mouth back on her pussy again, applying at first just a bit of suction as he moved up to her clit. Dan could feel this girl’s hips beginning to buck-her thighs were already tightened, so taking her clit fully into his mouth, he applied more suction and, just to make sure he pushed her over the edge, he inserted two fingers smoothly & firmly into her vagina. Likee a bucking bronco he heard her begin to wail as she went over the edge

“Stephanie had tried her best to hold on, but was now fully lost and it was actually a moment before she realized it was her voice that was producing a loud. Screaming wail. Her eyes had been closed but upon looking down at Dan Roberts head between her thighs, she saw that she had one hand on the back of his head, how did that get there? She didn’t care, and she felt her rear end lifting off the bed as she came. It was as intense an orgasm as she had recently had, and lasted a full 10 seconds before she was able to let her arse fall back onto the bed and let go of her over’s head. She lay there panting, staring at the ceiling, and found herself chuckling and smiling as Dan Raised himself to view.

“Well someone certainly seemed to enjoy themselves, “ he said, and Dan was pleasantly surprised that she raised up and offered him a kiss, especially as his mouth was covered in her juices. She was trying to tell him how good it was, but Dan interrupted “Oh my pet, we’re not done yet.” He said Getting off the bed to where they had originally been standing, Dan pulled his pet to the edge of the bed, reaching over to a drawer, be began unwrapping a condom, shocked to find Stephanie pull it away

Stephanie wanted him inside her, NOW. Looking at Dan she shook her head as she pulled the damned rubber away “I’m on the-the pill.” She got out breathlessly. Although the oral was great, feeling this man lift her legs and the anticipation that brought was even more so, so she concentrated on keeping herself ‘open’. Her vagina was still very sensitive, making her call out with an “Ah-AHH—Ohhhh…….” As she felt the invader slip inside her, pushing herself open to make its way. Stephanie moaned at the reaction to this man’s cock inside her, and lay her head back and allowed her voice to utter simple yelps as Dan Roberts held her legs up high and thrust himself in and out of her. For some reason she had always like to yield, so she was truly enjoying this.

The feeling of penetrating this woman was just off the chain, Dan decided. Holding both her ankles, Dan lifted the and kept them together, and he enjoyed being able to watch himself slid in and out of his new pet. After doing this a bit he heard his pet falling into a steady moan, and he couldn’t have that. Moving one ankle to each shoulder, Dan now moved Steph’s silky PJ top up, and he began to squeeze her breasts. Dan heard her curse. Even if it was in pleasure, he was going to have none of it, and he abruptly stopped in mid-stroke. “Woman, did I just hear you curse?” he asked sternly. Once she replied, Dan shifted his hands to her hips and began to THRUST had, hold, pull back, repeat. It had been a long time since dan had done any of this as well, so he was very close to cumming, and he was sure his face showed it. He tried to maintain the poser thrusts, but shortly that gave over to faster and fater hip-thrusts. He as really close.

Feeling Dan shift his hold on her meant he was enjoying himself. Stephanieliked it when this man squeezed her breasts, and when he shifted to that, she again said “d-DaMn that feeeeels gooooood…” at his reaction to her cursing she would normally have wondered what the Hell made her apologize, but this dick felt so good right now, she didn’t care. Felling his pace quicken she knew he was close and was again surprised to hear heslf say “Sir..D-D-Dan? You can…” but seeing his cock pop out, she immediately grabbed it and began to pump furiously, but there was little need, as his ejaculate came spurting out. Several hot, thick & warm roped sprayed her chest, stomach, and pubic hair. ;If he keep it up like this, I’ll just take it inside me’ she thought, ad she now felt herself being moved back onto the bed abit. Stephanie was sued to men kind of ignoring her at this point, their needs being met, so was shocked to feel Dan turn her and spoon up to her. It felt so very nice, she didn’t care that they were both covered in each other’s juices. Hell, they would get like that eventually. Stephanie said, “that was great..” and enjoyed being held, concentrating on matching their breathing. It DID feel nice.

(Hey all, hope you enjoyed this! Might be a week before I can post more, but trust me, I will! If you like ti, please let me know, and also let me know where you’d like these two to do!)

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