A Party (part 1)

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A party. One I didn’t want to go to at all. As I stood in the narrow doorway into the kitchen area I questioned everything about the night. “Am I too easily talked into things?” I thought in my head staring down into a solo cup full of Busch. Kyle brought me here. He embodied this party as much as I did not. 6’1, washed up high school track star who’s main personality traits were his new mustang and the fact that his dad played polo once with some Arabian prince. He represented everything I hated about the world, like a perfect embodiment of privilege. After a long conversation and a lot of convincing (or at least I thought it was a lot, I guess he did win me over pretty fast) at my apartment, I was in an Uber to some unspecified party house. Within 30 seconds of arrival Kyle had disappeared and now I’m standing in a kitchen alone staring down at a flat beer. Parties were never my thing but this was truly miserable. I wandered around the party feeling the vibration of the bass beneath my feet as the music blasted.

A top on my shoulder startled me as I turn around to a surprise. A short girl with big round glasses looks up at me with a timid but friendly smile. “You don’t look like you’re having fun” she said with a quiet laugh. It felt like the room went silent and all i could see was her. She had long brown hair and a friendly face. I felt the butterflies in my stomach. “How could you tell?” I said with a smirk. “You just don’t seem like someone I would normally see at one of these” she tugged on my flannel as i looked around at a sea of basketball jerseys and crop tops. “Plus i haven’t seen you talk to a single person since i got here sooo” she continued. “Yea I got dragged her by a friend. Apparently it wasn’t that important that I came since I haven’t seen him since we got here”. She laughed at me and I blushed. I thought I was dreaming. I was talking to a very cute girl at a very shitty party. It looked like maybe my night was about to turn around.

“Well i like your flannel” she replied. Before i could even reply she started again. “Let me show you something” she said, grabbing my hand and pulling me toward the staircase. “Wait I don’t even know your name” I said laughing as the small girl tugged at my sleeve trying to drag me. She turned to face me and answered “my names Jess” as she shook my hand. “You?” she asked. “James” I replied. “Nice to meet you James. Can we go now?” I loved her sarcasm. I couldn’t figure out what she was doing at this party. She just didn’t seem to fit with everyone else.

I knew the only way to solve this mystery was to follow and that’s exactly what I did. After what seemed like 20 flights of stairs we reached the top. A heavy grey door was the only thing between us and whatever she needed to show me. “Ready?” she asked while looking back at me, my hand still tightly gripped by hers. I nodded and she pushed through the grey door revealing the most beautiful sky of stars I’ve ever seen. “Yea I figured this was more your scene” she explained, admiring the world above. When I looked down to thank her for showing me such an amazing experience her lips met mine, almost as though she had been waiting there for me.

People talk about feeling fireworks after a kiss but this was different. It was the same feeling as downstairs. Everything around us seemed to disappear and all that remained was us and the stars. We were locked in that kiss for what seemed like 10 minutes. I felt my belt being undone and without opening my eyes pulled her closer to me. She had a tender touch and slowly slipped her hand inside my jeans and felt the silhouette of my now throbbing dick. Letting out a slight chuckle and biting her lip she joked, “wow you really do like stars, huh?” I smiled and kept kissing her as I loosened her belt with my practically shaking hand. Before I could get any further though, she grabbed my shirt with force. “No no, you wait for that” and with that she dropped to her knees.

“Right here?” I asked frightened at the possibility of being caught. She didn’t answer. Instead she slowly pulled down my boxers revealing everything. I stood there shaking, wanting to beg for her to take it all in her mouth. Her lips glistened in the moonlight but she continued to tease me, lightly stroking and kissing until I thought I would faint.

Suddenly she granted my wish, taking it all in her mouth at once. I thought I was going to buckle at my knees as the suction of her lips slid up and down my throbbing cock. At this point my mind was blank. If someone else had walked onto the roof I wouldn’t have even noticed. I looked down to catch her directly up into my eyes as she began to stroke my dick as she sucked. I could feel myself starting to tense up and she caught on because she started to go a little bit faster. All of the sudden to warm feeling of an orgasm began to rush over me as my cock became tense. She took it out of her mouth and began to stroke fast as my warm cum shot right out of me, coating her perfect lips and those glasses. I let out a soft moan as the last of it continued to flow out of me as a small grin formed on Jess’s face.

“Time to head back in” she said, the cum dripping off of her glasses down onto her chip and boobs below. She got really close to me and said in almost a whisper, “I want everyone to see the mess you made all over me”. Before I could answer she was halfway down the stairs. She popped into a room and grabbed a washcloth. “I was just kidding about that last part. Can’t be covered in cum at my own party” I was astonished. “Wait, you live here?” “I do, and you should come back sometime and see what else I can do.” She guided my hand toward her ass as she talked. “Go on…take a handful”. It was perfect, only covered by the thin fabric of her leggings. All I could think of was shooting another load of my cum all over it.

When we got downstairs she gave a small card with her phone number on it. “Old fashioned I see” I said to her. “That’s right. I have to go deal with some stuff but call me tomorrow”. I didn’t see her for the rest of the night but head spun as I walked through the party looking for Kyle. I wonder if she takes every guy she finds up there…making them all cum on those big glasses. I stopped myself from thinking as I was beginning to get hard once again. Nothing turned me on like a woman who liked to make guys cum like that. A woman who took control.

The rest of the night was uneventful but I couldn’t sleep. I fantasized about the phone call the next day. I laid awake for awhile staring at the ceiling until I just couldn’t resist any longer. I slid my hand into my boxers, gripping my erect dick. I began to stroke slowly to the images in my head of her looking me in the eye, her ass in her leggings as she walked down the stairs in front of me, the grin she had across her face after I covered her in cum. I didn’t last long and soon felt my cum shoot out on to my own stomach and running down my fingers. Jess has me in a frenzy. I wanted to get out of bed and go back right then. The minutes couldn’t pass quick enough.

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