After School #2 [ FF / LESBIAN ]

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Second part of After School. First part (and links) here:

Second part. gotta say, not much of the wild or sex(y) stuff. Or something.

I just smiled at her as she pushed more regular and milder, now completely laying on me. Just like her thrusts, my now less suppressed moaning became more consistent.  She too was beginning to gasp at least a little, which brought more moaning out of me.  However, I tried to satisfy her a little and licked her neck.  The tiny, quiet moan that this brought out was a lot for me however, and brought myself to a completely honest and fulfilled moan, so that I had to stop licking her.  She seemed to take this as an invitation to go faster, which I was absolutely unprepared for, and I let everything out of me with an almost shrieked pleasured groan.  My stomach cramped, my legs tensed and pushed my stomach far up, my body was spread throughout with a wonderful warmth.  "You …" my body dropped "are horribly awesome."

I saw her smiling, flawless mouth above me with exhausted eyes.  She laughed lightly but still interested "Are you …?"  I rolled my eyes, "No, I had a weak attack," I said ironically.  "Weakness attack, huh?"  she whispered, getting quieter and tried to get back to my ear.  I groaned almost screaming and stung my hands, still under her sweater, into her back.  She heaved in pain, and I stopped immediately when I heard the painful sound.  I started to apologize and was about to cry.  "It's all good" she smiled from above "I like it" I heard the whisper and how it got closer and closer.  However, that was still not enough to bring down my sensitive self, which is why I said with tears in my eyes "Really? It feels bad to do …" "Pah," came her voice again, "I can take it.  " But-but "I started hyperventilating.  She sat us up and looked into my eyes, which helped me not to panic because I just stopped breathing.  For that I breathed all the more as she kissed me without warning.  It was a long kiss in which I closed my eyes, felt her skin, breathed her existence and only thought of her. After an eternity, She moved her head slightly back, but our lips were only a few millimeters apart.

However, this post-kiss time only lasted for half a moment.  She moved upright again to look me in the face, but she didn't even get the chance because I already fell into her arms and hugged her.  "Thanks …" was the only thing that came out of me. | She accepted my hug, kissed me my hair  and pet me a little.

After some time, I leaned a little back, latched on to her neck and looked at her with cutey-eyes. She smiled at me and kissed me on the forehead. The mere presence of this person simply made me happy. And wet. She suddenly kissed my lips. My instincts took over and kissed hers just as sudden, while getting a little closer. I was allowed to repeat this until she noticed that I came closer, whereupon only a "HEY" left her mouth and she pushed me . I almost fell, and had to support me on my palms, which seemed to look pathetically helpless. "Look who's getting weak?" She slowly came closer "Hey, I already got my turn!" I woefully replied. "Sodeska?" She asked in Japanese "Of co-u-urse" I'm trying to justify me, while she worked her tongue up to my ear.

My arms gave in, got angled. But before I was completely hers, I twined my arms around her Body. I felt every single of her and the bed's movements. I felt her saliva and her breath on my neck. How her tongue slowly wandered, always hitting the right places properly. After some touches, my arms were loosening, and I would have fallen onto the bed, if she hadnt have her hands between my shoulders. Instead, she let me glide gently down, her tongue still on me. Now she was back on top of her friend. This loved the pressure that was now distributed on her entire body. I was way too happy and aroused about the overall situation, and then this feeling came out of us. I can confirm, the stereotype about the constantly giggling lesbians is absolutely true.

As soon as we were calmed down again, my girlfriend started playing with hers again. First, she kissed me, but broke it off abruptly. She stroked my belly, she pressed my leg. This teasing was almost unbearable. She looked desirous.

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