(MF) Sated…for the night.

He came in and kissed me, hard, without pretense. His tongue was strong and forceful. His lips were soft. The scent he put off was musky and intoxicating. We’d planned to go out – but he clearly had other plans for the evening. He grabbed the base of my hair and pulled my head back just far enough to look at me and smile. He released and kissed me lightly, then walked over and opened the beer that he had brought. He handed me one. We toasted.

I took a drink of my beer and walked over to get some music started. When I did, he followed me. He ran his hands up the bare skin of my arms, causing my skin to prickle. Then as he got to my neck, he let his hands slow down down making sure that I could feel where his hands were, the he pushed my hair aside. As if to kiss my neck, he leaned in, and let his soft lips just graze, teasing me, hijacking every sense in my body. I smiled, my breath becoming shorter, my nipples hardening, my pussy starting to pulse in anticipation. Up to my ear he went, breathing in it first, then catching my lobe between his teeth. My body reacted, I turned around and kissed him, becoming deeper and more intense as the seconds ticket on – my hands going to his belt buckle. He took the bottom of my shirt and pulled it off over my head, my hair going up with it and swinging back down. I got his buckle undone and his pants unbuttoned while he unclasped my bra, never straying from my neck and ears and shoulders. I pulled his shirt off, making sure that I felt his muscled body all the way up.

When he got my bra off, he kissed from my neck down to my tits, pinching each nipple as he kissed the other. He pulled away and grabbed my tits, then brought his hands down and started to pull his pants off. I pulled my pants down to my ankles and snuck up behind him while he was taking his pants off. When he turned around I was down on my knees, just at the right height to take his dick in my mouth. I was surprised by how large he was, solid, girthy, and veiny.

In an instant my mouth was wrapped around him, my tongue feeling every inch, every bump and vein. When I got to his tip, I flicked my tongue lightly. He leaned against the dresser while I licked and sucked, making sure the spit got everywhere on his cock – drops going down to his balls. I took my hand and rubbed those drops onto the bottom of his balls, my mouth and tongue also paying a visit to the same place. I reached around and grabbed his ass, extracting a long sigh from him. Then, I took my hands, and let them follow my lips while I sucked, making him tremble. I gave him one last lick, got up, and walked to the bed, making sure to sashay just enough for him to keep his eyes fixed thoroughly on me while I did.

I climbed onto the bed and when I did, he slapped my ass, leaving a stinging red handprint, then grabbed my hips and flipped me over. He kissed my body all the way down, feeling all over me, making me tremble with excitement.

He kissed my clit, then feeling how swollen I was, he desperately wanted to taste. I felt the tip, then the flat of his tongue on my clit followed by the folds of my slit. When I was able to come back to my senses a bit, I pushed him over and straddled him. He sat up and grabbed my ass while I bit his neck. He pulled my hair again, harder this time, while I felt his throbbing cock just grazing my swollen and impatient pussy, then said, “You’re gonna ride this dick or there will be hell to pay,” then looked over at the belt I had taken off. I kissed him and bit his lip, sliding up and down, slow at first while he sucked on my nipples, then faster, making me bounce on him. When I looked over, I saw that I’d had my toy out, I leaned back a bit and grabbed it and turned it on. I put it in his hand and whispered in his ear in a pleading tone, “Please, will you use this on my clit?”

He lustily obliged, completely forgetting the belt he’d been looking at earlier. My body quivered with delight at having a thick cock inside of me and a vibrator on my clit. I started gushing, and moaning loudly, begging for him to keep going.

Then, he pushed me off of him and forced me to bend over the dresser, took my toy and shoved it inside of me, hearing the sound of my squirting on the toy, he then pushed himself in, stretching me. I gave in completely to the pounding, the sound of both my toy and him inside of me, and the incredible feel of that stretch – for the first time, I could feel the grip. So could he. While I was having the hardest cum of my life, and yelling, “Fuck yes, please…don’t stop!,” he went harder. Then, I heard from behind me, “Can I…can I cum…,” and without finishing the sentence, I heard the deepest sigh of pleasure and felt him spurt inside of me, while my back arched and my ass pushed further out.

He pulled both the toy and himself out of me. He took his beer and went to get a shower, while I was laying there completely exhausted, dehydrated, and…sated (at least for the night).

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