Staying with my lesbian sister

Hello all my name is Amber. I’m 28 [F]. I’m currently staying with my older sister Angie (31) while my place is being fixed up. She was actually adopted before I was born so she is basically a sister to me. However, recently since I’ve been here I have been getting very strong sexual feelings for her. She tends to walk around in just a pair of panties (she rarely wears bras). I told her I’m ok with it since I’m a guest in her house but I’m more than ok with it. She has large breasts, I’d say maybe 38DD, a nice firm looking behind and long brownish red hair. I on the other hand have shorter auburn hair and wear a 36D bra. I’ll occasionally act like I need something from the bathroom when she is bathing or taking a shower just so I can get a look at her. She gave me her bed while she sleeps on the couch but I wish she would sleep in the bed with me. I’ve heard her masturbate many times seeing as she is recently single and hearing her moan gets me so hot. I know she has a bunch of toys too, from strap-ons to nipple clamps and dildos. I want to use those with her but I don’t know how to go about bringing it up to her.

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