Bred by the Seer and the Stranger (Submission) (mf) (forced anal) (oral)

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Hello all. I was hoping to get feedback on my first fantasy erotica novel, here The first chapter is free to read in the ‘look inside’. I would love to hear feedback. My apologies if the link is not allowed.

Thanks for peeping..

Sevi is a beautiful young princess, who is honest, brave, and skillful, and guided in all her actions by duty and pride. But beneath her regal exterior – and her expensive dresses – Sevi is a woman whose soul finds expression in sensual pleasure. A trait that lead her into the arms of a despot with the body of a god and the tongue of a poet.

King Wade is a ruthless warrior, famous throughout Innangard for his victories in battle and his conquests in bed. Wade threatened war on Sevi’s kingdom, so in a bid to weave peace, Princess Sevi agreed to marry the handsome king. He becomes disenchanted with his new wife when she soon proves unable to fulfill the one duty that is expected of a princess when noble bloodlines are joined in marriage.

Faced with a dire situation, Sevi reaches out to the numinous for help.When the Gods seem unmoved by her entreaties, Princess Sevi takes matters into her own hands. Follow Sevi through strange and terrifying out-lands in search of the one man who can help her. A dark and enigmatic figure, adrift in a painful past. Sevi and the Seer are equally touched by their merging destinies.

Meanwhile, a stranger seeks King Wade’s total destruction. When he sees Princess Sevi, he decides to use any means necessary to plant the seed of Wade’s ruin deep in his own turf. Fate is inescapable… Or is it?

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