Late Nights (F&M CNC FICTION) PART 1

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It was about eleven pm when I went downstairs. Everyone was asleep I thought. I tiptoed down the stairs to the kitchen. When I turned my head I saw him at the counter and I jumped. “Alaric…you scared me” I whispered. He looked tired sitting at the kitchen island with three empty beer bottles and one full one to his lips. “Sorry” He mumbled taking a swig. “It’s okay. What are you doing anyway?” I say walking toward the cabinets. I grab the smallest glass I could find to fill with water. He didn’t answer me for a while and all you could hear was the ticking of the clock in the living room. “I, uh, can’t sleep,” He said quite sheepishly. The faucet gushed to life as I filled my glass. I look at the bottles lazily placed all over the counter. He notices and I feel bad for judging. I clear my throat. “Maybe you should talk to Jenna about it?” I whisper. “About what?” He snaps at me and takes another swig. I’m clutching my glass to my chest.

I suddenly feel naked in my little tank top. It’s low cut and has spaghetti sleeves. I sip some water and put the glass on the counter behind me. “I’m just saying maybe…” I pause trying to choose my words carefully. “…maybe drinking isn’t the answer…” I whisper. His dark figure throws its head back and finishes off the bottle. I can see stubble on his cheeks and his blue button-down shirt that’s undone at the collar. He slams the bottle on the counter harder than he needs to. “I didn’t ask for your fucking advice” His voice is deep and angry. I notice I’m shaking as I breathe. I’ve never heard him speak like this before.

“Sorry. I just wanted to help” I say. He stands up and slowly walks over to me. As he gets closer the smell of aftershave and Heineken hits me hard. I’m frozen and he stands directly in front of me staring with dark eyes. “Don’t. I don’t want your help and I never did, Jenna” It takes me a minute to register what he calls me. I form the words to tell him I’m not her but before I can’t he grabs my face and holds it there. His thumbs are on either side of my cheeks as he holds my position so I can’t look away from him.

“What are you doing?” I whisper. I put my hands on his to try and pull them off but he’s stronger than me. He presses his body against mine and it dawns on me how much bigger he is than me. “You’re always fucking judging me aren’t you?” He whispers. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” I try to calm him down. “Stop fucking apologizing. Jenna, I’m not perfect, you can’t expect me to be perfect” He says and I can tell he’s serious. I gulp. “And what I’m trying to say is I love you okay? I do” His eyes search mine for an answer. “I-I love you too” I whimper. His face is so close to mine, his lips are so close to mine. He looks longingly and my lips and finally kisses me. His stubble scratches my face and his tongue wrestles with mine. He tastes sweet like alcohol. He holds me there and kisses me. He sighs deeply as he does which makes me want to kiss him back. But I know I shouldn’t so I try and push him off. His hands move to my waist and pull me even closer. My chest is pressed up against his and my back is against the counter. He bites my bottom lip and I moan involuntarily. He moves to my jaw to my neck and starts to bite softly. I put my hands on his shoulders and try and push him off. I can’t deny that it feels amazing. Another moan tumbles out and he sighs into my neck. “Stop…” I try and say but I lose my words when a moan overtakes me. I feel the straps of my top give way as he tries to go down my chest. Suddenly I hear glass smashing on the ground. The glass I left in the counter is shattered. Alaric jumps off and finally lets me go. I dart out the kitchen up the stairs only to find Jenna at the top of them. “What happened?” She asked, clearly just waking up. I make up an excuse that I was coming up to ask her where the brush and pan was. She takes care of the mess and I stay in my room for the rest of the night.

He left a large hickey on the side of my neck. It hurts when I touch it but I think I’ll be fine in the morning.

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