Be Mine [fM]

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“Be Mine”

Never before had two words thrilled me as much as they did when I found your card in my mail. I knew this was coming, we had talked about it, and I can’t lie that I was wondering if you’d choose Valentine’s day to make it official. Wondering? Hoping might be more accurate. The only other item in the package was a simple black choker – an indication of things to come. Inside the card was simply an address, and the time: 7pm.

Immediately I wrapped the silken ribbon around my neck, tying it tightly. It felt good to have you take hold of me, and thrill of excitement danced through my body as my imagination ran wild. What did you have in store for me? The ache in my pussy, which had been building for weeks while you’ve had me saving myself for you, increased tenfold.

Work passed far too slowly. I spent the day horrendously distracted, daydreaming, and paranoid about leaving a damp patch in my office chair. The temptation to sneak off to the bathroom had intensified to the point of debating not sneaking away from my desk at all. I honestly don’t know how I resisted, but somehow I succeeded.

Back home I ate little, my stomach churning with butterflies, and paced around with nervous energy. It took me much less time than I thought to choose my outfit – red lace thong and matching bra (it is Valentine’s Day after all) and garter belt with black stockings under a little black dress and black heels – and I worried over what, if anything, else to bring. At the last moment I decided to leave everything else behind; after all, if you wanted something you’d surely have been specific, so pulling on a jacket I headed out.

As I approach your door my heart is in my mouth. Weeks of pent up frustration have my panties drenched and my thighs slick. Reaching for the knocker I notice an envelope tucked underneath with the same “Be Mine” as my card. Clearly it can only be for me, so I open it up and begin to read, almost immediately starting to blush.

> Strip

> Panties in your mouth

> Kneel


My face bright red I look around the street. Its deathly quiet apart from the odd car passing at the end of the road. Your door is somewhat secluded, but even so I would be in full view of anyone passing, and a good few of your neighbours’ windows. At the same time, the risk definitely adds to the excitement, and with my heart thumping loudly I quickly get to work. Beginning with my shoes then stockings, my jacket and dress soon add to the pile on the doorstep. I look around some more before sliding my panties off and kneeling down to keep myself as well hidden as possible; unclasping my bra and balling my panties up in my mouth to complete the task.

Instantly the door begins to open and my heart skips a beat from a combination of excitement and nerves. Uncertain of your desired protocol I keep my eyes low, resting my hands on my knees. I'm painfully aware of how exposed I am, the sensation only heightened by the cool breeze chilling my nipples causing them to harden.

“Good girl”, your voice sending a rush through me causing my desperate pussy to clench. I feel your hand on my hair, trailing down to caress my shoulders as you walk around behind me. One finger lifts my chin as the choker falls into my lap, quickly replaced by the cold leather of a true collar, buckled and locked securely in place.

My mind goes wild, my body soaring with elation as you walk around in front of me; “Heel!” you command as you walk inside.

Understanding the animal nature of the instruction I carefully crawl in after you, past the pile of my clothes and onto the wooden floor of the hallway. Only now as I crawl after you down the corridor do I begin to register the flavour permeating my mouth; my own arousal filling my senses while at the same time dribbling down my thighs. I keep following onto the luxurious thick carpet in the lounge.


I stop in the middle of the room, between the coffee table and large armchair. I dare to look up and around a little, seeing you retrieving something from a drawer on the far wall. So far the house is like pretty much any other; but from our conversations I’m quite sure there’s more to it than meets the eye. I drop my eyes again as you turn to come back, drool starting to drip from my lower lip.

No sooner do you get to me than I’m plunged into darkness; evidently a blindfold or sleep mask over my eyes. It’s true what they say that it heightens the senses, and every hair on my body stands up as your fingers caress the full length of my spine from neck down.


Somehow these one word commands are driving me absolutely wild, the sheer coarseness of being treated with such disdain appealing to something deep within me. I climb quickly up, putting my feet together and arms at my sides. I can tell that my chest is heaving with every excited breath, my nipples no longer hard from the cold, but even harder from the state I'm in.

I'm not sure if I can hear or otherwise sense you stalking around me, but my skin prickles from the intense gaze I'm sure you're giving while appraising me.

Suddenly I feel your hands on my upper arms, lifting. “Arms out!” Then a shoe between my heels, nudging, “apart!”.

I comply, gasping as I feel your hands rest softly on my hips, your breath on my neck. My breathing is approaching what would have to be described as a pant, my whole body on fire with lust, despite barely being touched.

Without a word your hands begin to caress my skin. First sliding slowly up my sides and to my shoulders, then trailing down my back and grasping my ass, one cheek in each hand, eliciting a brief squeak from my lips.

I'm sure I can hear the grin in your breathing as you release me, then I feel a slap across one cheek. I close my eyes as I breathe a sigh out, relaxing my ass… hoping… yes!! Another slap on the other cheek, which jiggles freely. The impacts send jolts of pleasure coursing through my pussy.

I feel you press up against me, skin on skin telling me that your shirt has been discarded as your hands wrap around and up my stomach. My breathing slows down further and further as they approach my breasts, until I'm unconsciously holding it in at the moment you cup underneath. Your gentle squeezing sends me into uncontrollable shaking and panting until…

… “fuuuuuuckkk!!”

I can't hold it in as your fingers find my nipples and pinch almost imperceptibly. My legs just about give way beneath me as built up frustration simultaneously releases and builds inside me; my pussy shrieking for the attention it has been denied for weeks.

I lose all control as your fingers continue to tease, leaning back against you shuddering and moaning. Then as soon as it started, you stop.

Panting, I do my best to regain some composure. I can feel more spit drooling down my chin, and the first drops landing on my breasts. My insides are a burning knot of lust, nerves, excitement, and anticipation. As I hear your belt fall to the floor behind me, there's no doubt;

I'm yours.

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