[MF] [MMF] [CNC] You Make it Fun to be a Bad Girl

You plan to surprise me after you get off work so you head to my house. When you get there you hear the bathtub running. “Excellent,” you think and you hurry to get out of your clothes and sneak down the hall toward my room. Peaking through the door, you see me sitting sideways in the tub, my knees sticking up through the bubbles. You realize I’m masturbating in the tub and you stand in the door watching me, your cock getting harder in your hand. You hear the muffled hum of a vibrator and see me raise and lower, gently fucking myself. You stroke, listening to my uninhibited moans, as you realize I’m about to cum. You see me tense up as I make myself cum. You stand there quietly while I gather myself and set the toys on the back of the tub, first you see the vibrator, then the suction dildo. You’re about to call me out when you see me sit the large plug up next to them. You’re angry because I never asked permission but for just a split second you’re impressed with me.

You know I’ll see you any second so to keep the upper hand you start clapping, me nearly leaping out of the tub and sloshing water everywhere. “Nice show. I hope you enjoyed that now get out of the fucking tub!” you command of me. “Red, yellow, or green?” I reply green to signal my agreement to my fate. My face is hot from embarrassment but you see me square my jaw and tell you that you’ll have to wait. “Get out of the tub before I make you.” “Make me? Hardly!” Your face and voice are very calculated as you walk to the tub and reach down to grab my hair piled on top of my head, “Oh you will get out of the tub right now,” and yank me upwards and out to the floor. I go to grab my towel but you grab that hand and spin me around, bending me over the side of the tub. Pushing my head down into the bubbles, you begin spanking my wet, bare ass, pulling my head back every few slaps for air. “Did I give you permission to cum today? You thought you’d get away with it because I wouldn’t see you. Has this been why you’ve hardly asked permission to cum lately?” Before I can lie you push me back down and spank harder. You’re bored with this punishment quickly so you pull me back to my feet. “Don’t you fucking move. It’ll be even worse for you if you do.”

You take a towel and wipe bubbles off my body and wrap me up, arms to my side. Even breathing is making the tucked towel loosen. You pull it tighter and I hear you open the toy drawer. I hear the clink of the restraints being slid out from under the bed. You come back and put a blindfold on me and smack my ass through the towel, my surprised gasp sending it sliding down my body. “You can’t follow a single direction I give you can you?” You take each hand behind my back and cuff them together and lead me into the bedroom where you command me to my knees with my mouth open. “I planned to show you what good girls get when they’ve done what they were supposed to but that’s not what you are at all.” I start to argue but you smack my face. “The only sounds I want out of your mouth are when you gag on cock.” I nod then open my mouth wider as you thrust your very hard cock into my throat in one move. My eyes are watering, as is my mouth, and my tongue moves feverishly all over and around your cock. You’re holding your cock in from the the first thrust and feel me pulling back but you thrust harder for a second before letting me take a breath, but before I’ve caught my breath your hands are wrapped around my head and fucking it like a toy. Occasionally you let me up to breath but it’s farther apart than is comfortable for me and I’m giving out quickly.

You don’t want to cum just yet but the situation has gotten out of your hands so you pull my head back, pull off the blindfold, and spray your thick cum all over my face and hair. You grab the towel I dropped and wipe the cum off of me. I’m caught off guard because you’re being so gentle all of a sudden. “I know it’s difficult for you to follow directions,” you say quietly, perplexing me even further because you never talk quietly. You stand me up and tell me to sit on the bed, after you release the handcuffs.

I sit quietly trying to figure out your game but then you bring back a glass of wine and hand it to me then, grabbing the remote and asking what I want to watch. I relax and we find something to watch. When I get close to the bottom of the cup of wine you take my glass and get me a refill. We’re a couple episodes into a show and I start feeling a little unsettled. The room is beginning to tilt and I’m feeling lightheaded. You’ve kept your eyes on me, waiting for this moment and take my glass as my body begins to relax into the bed and I slip into a deep sleep.

As soon as you know I’m out, you text “she’s ready” and start restraining my hands to the bed. A camera was already set up and turned on above the tv that I didn’t even notice when we were watching. You hear my door bell ring and open the door. In walks a guy you found from browsing all of my reddit post comments. You tell him that he can leave his clothes in the living room, phone too. You send him to the bedroom ahead of you to get acquainted with me without making him nervous in front of my boyfriend. When you walk down the hall you see he has his fingers in my pussy and is sucking on my clit. He’s getting hard and and you chuckle to yourself when you see his long cock next to my petite body. His other hand is playing with my nipples rather aggressively. You think about stopping him but you remember my transgressions and think to yourself, “If she’d have just been good, she’d be awake to enjoy all of this but now I’m gonna let him do whatever he wants, less one little thing that belongs to me and me alone.”

You pull open the toy drawer and he peeks down with interest. He sees your crop and says how nice these marks will look and hands it to you. You tell him about my favorite toy and tell him, “Wonder how hard you can make her cum hard when she’s out.” The crop is making sharp “thwack” sounds as you beat my chest, occasionally hitting a nipple, causing you a momentary cringe because you know I’d hate it but remembering that this is no longer about my pleasure. The guy uses the clit sucker on high and is fucking me with his three long fingers. He tells you that his hand is already soaked and changes the setting to quick pulse and then to a slower pulse and my legs tense with each beat. You know I’m so close so you tell him to turn it back on high and hold it. My back arches and I involuntarily lean into the toy, pushing his fingers deeper into my dripping pussy, and cum so hard. You’ve never seen me orgasm this long and you tell him to keep it up as you pinch and twist my nipples.

Moments later I am gasping for breath but still completely knocked out. You ask the guy if he wants me awake or unconscious. He said he’d like to try to fuck me awake and fighting so you use smelling salts to wake me up. He spreads my legs and shoves his cock in my soaked but tight pussy and he tells you he may not be able to last as tight as I’m gripping him. I begin to come to and everything is all blurry and tilting again. The blindfold is gone I realize and I’m face to face with a stranger. I turn my head side to side, looking for you but you’re at the foot of the bed where he’s blocking my view and I begin to panic, pulling at my restraints and trying to wiggle out from under him. He begins to laugh and pulls my legs up on his shoulders, pushing deep into me and me down into the bed, holding me there, and tells me to keep wiggling, maybe I’ll be able to escape. I hear the snap of a camera behind him but I can’t see that it’s you taking pictures of him stretching my pussy out. I’m really scared now and start to struggle against him. He pulls out of me slowly, gasping bc I’m gripping him so tight, then plunged down hard and deep as he can. I scream and he starts thrusting harder and faster, enjoying my panic. He looks into my frightened face and tells me to look at him as he’s about to fill my pussy up and slows down his thrusts as he cums deep in me. He grabs the blindfold and puts it back on me before he pulls out, spilling his seed down onto the bed.

You don’t want me to know you’re there so you signal to him to uncuff me and lay down on his back. He demands I ride him and when I beg not to you grab me by the hair and guide me on him. He grips my hips and slides me down his still hard cock. I feel the crop on my back as he tells me to ride. My blindfold has been unseated so he pulls it off but grabs my throat and won’t let me look away from him. He pulls me down and distracts me, slapping and choking me and I don’t realize you’ve gotten behind me until I feel your hand firmly press down on my back to lay me down. I feel a finger press into my ass, painful through the tightness. I know it’s gonna happen regardless so I try to relax around your finger. You scratch my back as a silent “good girl” and decide to apply lube since I’m accepting my fate. You press one then two of your thick fingers in and begin fucking me with them, while I lay still on his cock. You feel me relaxing more around your fingers and pull out. You’ve stroked your cock so you’re nice and firm as you press your lubed head against my ass. I gasp as you gently pop through the first set of resistance, relieved you’re going easy. Your hands find your way to my hips and you roughly thrust the rest of the way, until you both have me filled up. I cry into his chest as you fuck my ass, pushing both of your cocks deeper into me. I’ve never been this full, no matter the toys you’ve used on me.

The pain begins to subside when pleasure takes over and I feel his cock pressed hard into my g spot with each of your thrusts. He lifts my head and makes me look into his eyes as I begin to moan. “I think she’s beginning to like it,” he laughs. You continue pumping you cock into my ass, pleasantly surprised at this turn of events. He begins to meet your thrusts and my mouth opens in a silent scream as I suddenly seize up, cumming from your assault. My tightness grips you both and nearly simultaneously you both pump your loads into my limp body. You roll off and lie on your back next to me but I’m still catching my breath and haven’t noticed it was you. He lifts me and slides me over on your chest, I open my eyes and see it’s you and sleepily grin, as you roll me over beside you holding me like you would a child as I fall back into a deep sleep. The next day I wake up groggy and tell you about the vivid dream I had. You hand me a coffee and we snuggle down to watch this “weird sex documentary you found” and as I realize I’m watching my dream, my eyelids begin to droop and the last thought I remember was “I’m ready for round 2!”

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