The Wrong Road Taken Part 2 [MF] [Witchcraft]

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You see not only am I lonely but I have a need to have children, lots and lots of children. So I have selected you to be the father of my offspring. She informed me. You will be my guest here and serve me.

I was shown a room that was to be my bedroom, it was very nicely appointed and very spacious. The room was done in an old English Victorian style, with lots of dark wood all of which was hand hewn and beautifully carved.
The bed was a massive four poster, again with the handcrafted details that you only saw in the wealthiest of homes.

When I awoke the next morning I left my room and went out to the kitchen. Lucretia was there cooking breakfast for the two of us. “Lucretia, yesterday I saw you do that thing with your fingers and poof there were a couple of apples for us to eat, so why don't you just whip up breakfast with your magic?”

“My dear boy, of course I could do that and the food will always be perfect but where is the skill and the pride of doing a job yourself, even if it turns out tasting like crap.” She said. “Well I'm impressed, I just figured you for someone who would take the easy way just to get it done.” I told her.”

“Luke, did you pay attention to the gardens in the front of the house and the roof and those in the back? Everything there I did by hand, I dug the pond, I did all the plantings and I even built this house. Now if truth be told I did use a little magic in building this house. When I cut down the trees to build this place I used my magic to move the logs into place, only because I was all alone and they were far to heavy to move by myself.”

You could see the pride in her face as she told me about all the hard work she put into her home. My estimation of her rose to a degree I didn't think possible. Here was a woman with an incredible amount of power, yet she seldom used it. Preferring hard work and what you learned from it that is what mattered to her.

“OK Luke, today I am going to show you around the place and begin to instruct you on some of your duties around here. You will find that I am an easy person to get along with and I don't expect people to do the impossible, only the hard.”

When Lucretia dropped her bombshell I was taken aback. It's as if my dream last night was pre-ordained. While this place and Lucretia were beyond beautiful, I did have a life outside of here. Under ideal circumstances I could easily see myself living here with her however if my dream was a portent of the future I don't think I'll stick around.

I'll be the first to admit that the sex I had was the best I ever had, even if it was augmented by those pieces of the tree that now reside inside my body.

During my contemplation Lucretia was talking and I had missed most of what she said “So Luke, what do you think? She asked.

“Lucretia, I'm sorry I was distracted and missed the last part of what you were saying.” “Luke, I will forgive you. I understand that all this is new to you and you haven't had time to assimilate all that is happening.
I was saying that you are free to wander around and tour my estate, however I must warn you there are a few things to be wary of. First if you see any plant that moves on it's own please be cautious. Some of them I had planted to act as security.

Until they have come to know you and know that you belong here they can and will bite. Most of them will only cause a person to fall into a deep sleep until they notify me that an intruder has stumbled into my estate. There are however a couple of sentry's called the “Gorth” they look for all intensive purposes like extremely large dogs. These roam the grounds at will and while I have informed them that you are now a trusted and welcomed resident, they only know you by my description.

When they will first encounter you they will rush up and they may knock you to the ground until they have gotten your scent, this could be very terrifying for the uninitiated. That being said once they recognize you they are nothing more than big overgrown puppies and they will demand that you play with them much like you would a puppy. By the way the quickest way to have them fall in love with you is to give them belly rubs. They will also act as your protectors and body guards”

“Lucretia, when I was first exploring the two other paths before coming here I saw the ponds and water spouts that fed them. Why couldn't I feel the water, it felt as if it were glass that was molten yet it was cold to the touch?”

“Well those ponds are just artistic displays. One day as I walked those paths I was discouraged by how plain they were, so I decided to have a little fun. It took me almost an entire year to dig the ponds and coax the water from the deepest aquifers so that only the purist and clearest of water would flow into the pond.

The reason you couldn't actually touch the water is that it exists in a different time frame then you did at the time. So while you could hear and see it when you went to touch the water it just wasn't in your time frame.”

“OK, I'm impressed everything I have seen here has shown me what an incredible talent you have in creating something from almost nothing. Along with a wonderfully artistic eye.” “Thank you young man, it's so wonderful to have someone to appreciate the work I put into my home.

Now I would like to give you your first lesson in what some would call magic. Now pay attention.” As she walked up to a plant she stared at it and did that thing with her fingers. Suddenly the plant began to straighten up and started to grow in height. It didn't get very large, just a foot or two taller when she did the finger thing again and the movement halted. “OK, you try it.” “How, I don't know what you did to make that happen, there's no magic in my fingers like you have in yours.” I said.

“Luke, there is no magic in my fingers. What you saw was just my way of concentrating on what I want to happen, it's all in your head. You have to want it to happen. You have to see it in your mind as already having had happened. Try it again please.” I did and like before nothing. “Never fear Luke it took me a couple of years before I could even roll a pea across a table.

Now enough of this I'm feeling rather horny right now, how about you?” Another finger flick and the bush nearest us flattened out into a large cushioned sofa. Once again at the touch of her finger her gown vaporized. Reaching out and taking my cock in hand she led me over to stand in front of the sofa. Sitting down she leaned forward and took me in her mouth while proceeding to give me a blow job that was a culmination of all she has learned over the course of her long life, it appears she had learned a great deal in those years! So intense my eyes literally rolled back in my head.

While this was going on I once again felt the two intruders in my body begin their internal dance. The one in my bottom this time began moving in and out of my bottom. It would move out of my bottom about half way before driving forward again. I was getting fucked by a piece of a tree. While the one in my penis began it's vibration again, causing my cock to begin to bob wildly.

As Lucretia lay back she beckoned me forward. As I entered her I was overwhelmed with the need to pound as hard and as fast as I could. This wasn't my idea, it was my body's. I was a man possessed, I didn't believe that I was capable of what I was doing, pounding at the speed of light and as hard as a jack hammer.

“Oh shit she was crying, Oh my god.” She kept repeating. And then I came, I came in buckets. It just kept flowing out of my cock as my orgasm took over my very being. When at last I fell away I had to drop onto the sofa or do a face plant into the ground. “Holy crap, that was intense, if we keep this up my pussy is going to be wrecked.” She said with a laugh.

As the water released my body and sank back under my skin I was awash with a feeling of exhaustion. Laying down on the sofa I fell into another deep sleep. This time my dream was a bit less unsettling. In my dream I was standing next to Lucretia as we overlooked her estate. However when I looked over at Lucretia she was much older and quite withered. Her skin was taught and she was bent over using a cane to get around. When I looked into the pond I was still young and healthy. Lucretia was telling me it was her time to scatter herself to the winds. The estate was her gift to me for being her companion for the last three hundred years.

With that she leaned over, gave me a kiss as a gust of wind began to turn her into dust that was picked up by the wind and scattered to the four corners of the earth. As her dust dissipated I heard Lucretia's voice “Farewell Luke, I love you. We awoke almost simultaneously, both of us rising from the tree/sofa.

“Luke, that was just incredible. I have been around a long time and I have had my share of lovers. What I will tell you is none of them have been quite as energetic as you, you just kept hammering away until I was completely worn out.”

“Lucretia, you told me that you wanted children, if that is so why didn't you have children with any of the others you have been with?” “Luke, there are a few reasons that wasn't possible.

When I had the water become a part of me it slowed down my metabolic functions the same is true with my reproductive system. So even though I looked older and my chronological age was vast, my body just wasn't ready to procreate until the last hundred years or so.”

“OK, I asked. So my next question has to be, Why me?” I asked. “Hum, Luke the truth is I have been watching you for some time. If I am to choose a mate then I am certainly going to find the best match possible.
In fact I have been watching you for the last ten years. You were not the only one, I had been watching eleven others.

I had taken my time to weed out the ones that wouldn't last or be compatible over time or those that lacked the intelligence to do what was needed.” She told me. “How could you have been watching me, we live far apart and I have never been in this area before. So how could you know anything about me?”

“How? Come with me I'll show you.” As she led me through the house we stopped at a wall decorated with a huge tapestry. Pulling aside one end she exposed a door built flush to the wall. Opening the door she motioned for me to join her. As I entered I was once again halted in my tracks with surprise. Computers! Holy shit, here was a computer set up that would make the NSA proud.

Along with four terminals there was a massive mainframe that would make an semi-trailer look like a Tonka toy. “Holy crap Lucretia, this is one hell of a setup.” “I have never been one to avoid the latest marvels. When computers first became common, I dove into the technology as soon as possible. The computer helps me formulate the programs I use to create my “spells”.” “You use computers for that?” I inquired.

“Luke, spells are nothing more than being able to manipulate various levels of mathematics. In the old day a person had to remember the mathematical steps to create what they wanted. The human brain by itself is a truly marvelous thing but it can handle only so much before it becomes bogged down. With a computer I don't need to remember every little detail of my formulas, it's all there in the core memory. The simple things I still do from memory, the others I augment with a little help.”

Lucretia began to explain the basic principles of crafting and formulating the mathematics of creating magic. When you listen to her explanation everything made perfect sense. What surprised me is why hadn't others figured this out.
She went on to say that while some had discovered the link between math and magic, for some reason most never made the mental leap into the practical applications. Those few that did may not have actually done anything with the knowledge. A few may have tried things they shouldn't have.

You see there is an element of danger here. You can't just start a mathematical spell without creating an ending spell. If you don't create a spell that has an equation to bring it to an end or to halt the process that same spell might just consume you.

Yesterday you asked me how and why I chose you for my mate and partner. The how, well you are looking at the answer. When I began my quest for the right person I created a program that surfed the internet looking for people who had a solid grounding and desire to explore mathematics.

The why, when you were using the net for your research for your advanced courses in mathematics and then began crafting programs to explore the roots of certain equations my programs flagged you. Those equations you were researching also happen to be at the the root of my magic. That is why my programs focused on you.

Over the last few years there have been eleven people on my radar, you are the only one who met most of the criteria that I was searching for. So it was that I kept my eyes on you. And when the opportunity arose I made some subtle suggestions to the computers in your company along with a few phone calls to influential people in the upper levels of your company.

“How could you have any influence with my bosses?” I asked. “Luke, one doesn't live in a vacuum, I have to interact with the outside world. There are things I need to purchase, all this computer equipment cost money. There are people I need to be in contact with. These things require that I not be an isolationist.

Luke I have been around a long time and in those years I have learned how to read the winds of change and follow the stock markets. So after many years I have amassed quite a large portfolio. But I digress, back to you. When the opportunity arose, I made the suggestion that you were the person I wished to represent your company at the conference. A suggestion that the CEO of your company was more then happy to comply with, what with it coming from their largest stock holder.”

“Well I must say I am impressed. I still don't know know that I'm ready for this however I am willing to return here for awhile after I have taken care of my obligations at my work place.” “Luke I have already taken care of that. I spoke to the CEO this morning and told him that you are to be kept on the pay roll while you are on extended leave working directly under my supervision on one of my projects. He was most enthusiastic and spoke highly of you. He also told me that you are to to be given a large increase in your salary. He would see to it that all your future earning will be sent in as direct deposit to your account.” “Well it looks like you have anticipated pretty much everything.” I told her.

Later that afternoon we were sitting in the garden eating lunch and debating the merits of various philosophers. Lucretia was a constant source of amazement. I can't think of a subject that I broached that she didn't have a solid understanding of or was willing to spend time debating with me.

What also impressed me was her never talking down at me or belittling my ideas. She was willing and eager to look anew at her ideas and reassess them in the light of new information.

Hours later Lucretia returned to the house to finish some things she had cooking for dinner. This gave me some free time to wander around the grounds exploring. Lucretia had already told me what hazards to be aware of while wandering through the woods.

Awhile into my trek I had my first encounter with the Gorth. As I rounded a corner they were sitting in the sun just basking themselves in it's warmth. As soon as I was spotted they sprang to their feet and rushed me. True to her word they knocked me down and hovered over me debating whether to eat me there or take me home for dinner.

This all changed in a flash as they began sniffing at me. At that moment they stepped back and sat up on their hind legs looking at me with their tails wagging. One of them moved to the tree line picked up a large branch and returning to me only to drop it at my feet.

I took the hint and as I picked up the branch they became very excited. Hopping around I took the hint and tossed the branch as far as I could. The two of them jumped, turned and tried nudging the other out of the way to be the first to retrieve the object of play. They would return drop it at my feet and await a repeat toss. Lucretia's description of them as large dogs was an understatement. They were the size of overgrown dire wolves, however they were far larger their backs were shoulder high and were about 250 pounds. They were definitely not something you would wish to run into alone at night in the woods.

Half an hour later I could no longer toss the branch due to fatigue. When I tried to leave they kept nudging me with their wet noses and whining like the overgrown puppies they were. As I was leaving they curled up and went back to their hard won sleep.

Traipsing down the path I came across the same kind of flower that gave me the best oral sex I ever felt. Feeling a bit silly I walked over to the flower. Standing there as the flower began to swivel its blossoms I watched as it zeroed in on my penis. As it slipped over my penis I felt it's own brand of magic beginning. Never had I the felt blow job like this. I could see where a person could become addicted to this. As the petals sucked the leaves would stroke my nuts and legs adding to the overload of sensations I was enduring.

Minuets late I shot my cum deep into the flower. When finally it released me you could see the stem pulsing as if were swallowing. As I stepped away you could see the plant grow almost a foot in hight.

 End of Part 2 

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