I think my female neighbour is watching me

FIRST OF ALL: This is non-fictional

So to put you in context, my neighbour is a woman in her mid to late 40's, blond, a bit to the thicker side and only lives with her son (20's), she's not a MILF but she's close to.

I'm 19 and this started like 6 months ago while I was still 18, she's from another building that makes an "L" shape with mine and she can see by bedroom through her bedroom and another room windows. Her balcony is also almost connected to mine on the other side.

In the beginning all that happened was that I would forgot to put my blinders down while I masturbated and some times right when I finished I heard her putting hers down and, tbh, that didn't seem like much until one day she started taking a bath with her window wide open, it aint a big window but you can def see her naked. One thing that also happens is that when I'm reading on my balcony she comes to hers as well and compliments me and starts to talk about a few stuff with a little smirk on her face.

Since this quarentine stuff happened she took a bath with her windows open a couple times, we never traded looks on that situation but I definitely masturbated to that the last time. Recently I've been masturbating with my window open as well but had no signs that she was watching those times.

Sorry for the lack of juicy details but if something more happens I'll keep you updated.

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