Quarantined Quartet: Kinked, Act 1. (MF) (dom/sub)

Day 10 of Quarantine

Veda Cade has me tied down and sprawled out. My limbs each point toward a corner of the bed. He uses an ice cube to draw a line down the center of my body. I can feel the melted water pool in my belly button. I’m naked. The chill of the ice sends instant goosebumps all around my body. My nipples feel razor sharp. The ice reaches my pubic mound, and the chilly melt dribbles down my awakening pussy. Despite the coolness, I can feel my blood flow shift to my pleasure organs.

He has been working me for a while now. He’s brought me up and down several times already. He has a new, full ice cube, and places it at the top of my opening, just above my clit. I start to tug at the restraints, my body reacting to the unusual but erotic sensation. Cade looks focused, determined. He takes the corner of the cube and just grazes my clit; the harmony of the cold and having the sensitive nub touched is maddingly arousing. He applies more pressure, the ice melting faster from the heat between my folds.

As the ice travels down, he starts to retrace the steps of the ice with his finger. He delicately holds the slightest amount of pressure just above my clit. All the while, the ice continues melting quickly from my warmth. He holds his finger in place, not a bit of movement, and it begins to make me squirm. Having his finger that close to my source of pleasure causes me to grit my teeth, and my breathing turns to panting. He looks up at me, stone faced.

He holds the glare for longer than I had expected. Then he smiles, as if the game is over, and leans down to kiss me on the lips. Cade is a good kisser. He takes my bottom lip into his mouth and sucks it. Pulling away from our kiss, he looks at me again, and I realize his finger is still on the precipice of my clit, and my body is nearly begging him to touch it. The look in his eyes reveals that this game is not yet over.

Finally, he removes his torturing finger. Cade climbs onto the bed, and kneels beside me. His lips approach my eager bits, and I feel a brief moment of relief, in anticipation of his warm mouth taking me in. But no. Instead, he pauses inches from my center. I can feel the warmth of his breath. He blows softly onto my area, wet from arousal and melted ice. It feels warm and cool at the same time, and sends me farther into panic and desperation.

He offers some diplomacy by touching his soft lip against my clit. The gentle graze is exponentially more powerful than the typical touch, provided his tantalizing torture. Then both lips come down and surround my hard clit. Still no movement, or pressure, but the simple skin on skin contact is driving me close to orgasm. Then his tongue dives slowly down, and circles the aching knot, sending me near my edge. Cade swirls and twirls my clit, until I’m nearly there. “Huuhh. Ohh. Haahh. Uuhh. Mmm,” I moan, my wave approaching. My salvation nearing, my body prepares for the dam to break.

Then nothing. The rush of energy and pleasure has nowhere to go, and begins to fade into nothingness. I feel it slip away, and immediately grieve it’s presence. It takes me a few moments to feel grounded in reality again. When I am, Cade is shuffling through his bag of naughty items. He returns, looking down at me, giving me his familiar smile. Sweet Cade. Gentle Cade. Surely, he will be reasonable and free me from my physical and seuxal restraints. I open my mouth in attempt to speak the honey that has always had success in getting my way with him. Before I can breathe out a syllable, he uses his three middle fingers to close my mouth and shut down my words. “Shh. Shh,” he whispers sweetly. “You’re not ready yet.”

He applies a blindfold to cover my eyes. My other senses are heightened with the loss of sight. I can feel the individual fibers of the rope around my wrists and ankles. The original wood floor creaks as he stalks slowly around the bed. Something brushes my cheek. It tickles a little, and feels like a million tiny threads dragging across my skin. There’s a cool breeze that flows in from the cracked window; it smells like early spring.

I realize that Cade has a feather. He brushes the feather across my body, only heightening my goosebumps. Around my fully pointed nipple, I feel the feather swirl around my areolas. Inside my elbows, armpits, below my knee, these are the places that stir me farther into a frenzy. The feather reaches my pussy, and I am begging. My body and my mouth beg for him to finish me. “Oh fuck! Uh, just do it. Do it already!” I plead.

Cade calmly drags the feather over my labia, and down near my asshole. It feels like my orgasmic lava bubbles, but cannot find the energy to explode out of the volcano. It is infuriating and invigorating simultaneously. I hear his footsteps walk back to his bag. I pray for him to finish, but also to continue.

He walks back and I hear and feel one object being set on the bed next to me. Something else in his hand flicks on, and buzzes. My body inflames with excitement and hope for relief. “Yes, yes, please, yes,” I beg. A small, smooth bulb drops to my clit, the sudden rush of pleasure almost painful. “Ah! Shit. Thank you, yes!”

The vibrating bulb is drug across my clit and opening a few times, then it’s inserted into my hole, and within seconds is tapping on my g-spot. The image of the toy quickly pops up in my mind – it’s a pink, wand type of toy. Thin, with a bulb on the end. It’s made for g-spot stimulation. It works. I feel like I’m on a roller coaster that went 0-60 in a second. I’m enjoying the ride, but I am wishing I could have taken a breath first. The overwhelming shock of the intense pleasure starts to distract from my lack of preparedness.

I can’t typically orgasm through vaginal stimulation alone, but I feel it is near. It feels close enough where I could climb the mountain if I really tried. I’m sweating, my body is tired. I’m growing desperate. I’m halfway there when it suddenly stops. I hear shuffling, and feel the object next to me being picked up. Logically, I know this is the part where he makes me come. Emotionally, the feeling of loss from the stoppage and the intensity of it all causes tears to well up in my eyes.

Then I hear a more powerful rumbling. I recognize the sound as the purple vibrator with rotating metal balls and rabbit ears. I brace for the incoming fullness, and my breath is taken away when it enters. I take a long, exaggerated inhale. The origin of my impending, she-wolf howl is from deep within, depths previously unexplored. On exhale, the sound projects from my core, “AArrrr ughh rrgg mm.” Cade finally looks at me with excited eyes, showing the thrill he is getting from putting me through so much pleasure and pain.

I feel the rotating balls deep in my womanly cave; they bump against my walls relentlessly. The toy is large and girthy. It’s likely around the same size as Cade’s real cock. I’m no longer bucking and thrashing against my shackles. Rather, I have accepted my fate, and have submerged myself into the submission. In addition to the fullness and rotating balls, the bunny ears frame the sides of my clit and vibrate. The whole goddamn thing vibrates harshly and rattles me from the inside out.

Suddenly, a moment of calm arrives. I no longer feel the physical, mental, or emotional restraints. My whole being is aligned cosmically, like planets in a neat row. Or the eye of a hurricane. The calm allows me to feel the sensation to their fullest capacity. All other senses are gone, it is just the center of my body receiving all the focus. The alignment begins to shift, like planets continue to orbit, and hurricanes are on the move. Before I’m casted back into reality, the most powerful, mind and body shaking, animalistic orgasm builds and insists on being freed.

The hurricane returns, and I feel myself thrown back into my body. My larger than life climax is unleashing, and there is no turning back. My ears ring from the intensity and sensory overload. Tidal waves of pleasure pass over me and crash, hard, into my body. My hips thrash, lifting high above the sheets of the bed. I can’t hear my own sounds, but I’m sure they’re terrifying. The waves go on longer than I have ever experienced. Before I begin to feel prisoner to them, they subside, and the tide lowers. Aftershocks prickle nerves throughout my body as I return to myself.

Before lifting my blindfold, Cade uses his soft touch all over my body to help bring me back slowly. I’m thankful. The longer I feel his loving hands, the more I remember how much I care for him, and how only he could bring me this far, and bring me back. He lifts the black blindfold. The light is bright, but is broken up by his blonde hair and boyish smile. He looks absolutely thrilled.

“Are you okay?” He asks, concern and excitement in his voice.

“Yeah. I think so. That was so fucking intense,” I say back, my voice breaking from the dryness and the howling.

“It was the hottest, sexiest, most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” he says sincerely. “It was like I saw a different side of you. A more spiritual side or something. I feel closer to you now. Does that sound weird?”

“No. Not at all,” I reply, still catching my breath. He hands me a glass of water and I take a greedy drink. “You’re exactly right. I feel closer to you, too.”

He takes the empty glass back and sets it on the bedside table. Then he curls himself up to me, I’m still in my restraints. I don’t mind, though. His body and loving touch is exactly what I need right now. “Cade,” I say. “You’re the only one who could do this for me. The only one I could allow in. You touched something deep inside of me.” I pause, trying to put my next thought into words. “You’re my person.”

I feel him smile widely where he’s tucked into my side. He wraps himself around me tighter. I think I feel a drop of wetness come from his face as he nuzzles deeper into me.

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