Appetite (short story)

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She lay there, contemplating the familiar feeling growing in her chest. She was unsatisfied. She couldn’t wait any longer to see him. She wanted him. She craved him. She thought of all the nights they spent together, every touch every kiss and every quiver ran through her mind like an erotic film. Then she made her decision.

She rolled over and grabbed her phone. She texted her boyfriend.

“… I can’t wait until tomorrow. I want you.” Then his reply came shortly after.

“Come over then, I’ll be here waiting.”

She felt the excitement rush through her body. It hadn’t even been a day and she wanted him so much. As she set the phone down and laid back, she felt a hand slide over her body. Then the lips on her neck and his voice.

“Everything good?” Said her friend.

She reassured him it was all okay as she stood up and put on her panties, leggings and a hoodie. She kissed him one more time and left to see her boyfriend.

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