Captured by a tribe (part 7)

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Last time we visited the man who was captured by a tribe of only females. The women in this tribe had a "defect" which only made them able to bear female children. So to say the breeding pool was small, is a bit of an understatement. So these women relied on "traveling salesmen" to knock them up.

Many women of many ages wanted children but could not have. That was until our explorer came into the picture.

He was treated as a God and was able to have sex with any female he desired.

In the previous story, he had just fucked a girl with her mother watching, now he was off to breakfast. None of the women wore clothing in this tribe because they didn't have anything to hide…

Our explorer walked down the street in the morning to get breakfast. He passed many women who greeted him very fondly, with a hug. Whist hugging each woman he either grabbed their beautiful asses or have them a quick finger blast.

As he got to the dining hall for breakfast, he sat down at the table and was served just about everything he wanted. He was basically a God in this village after all.

He eyed out all the beautiful women who sat around him. So many tits were right there. Round tits, long tits. Small tits and big tits. It was then that he saw a really gorgeous woman, she looked to be about 30, but she had the most beautiful blonde hair, naturally round and perky tits about a D cup and really cute face.

She was an absolute goddess. How had he not seen her before..

He asked a nearby girl "who is that" as he pointed to her. "she's new here, a traveler like you" the girl said.

He sat back and thought about this news for a bit. Then he called to her "fellow traveler" she looked around for the only man, immediately a huge grin grew on her face. She walked over and although there were no seat available, sat in the man's lap. She draped her arms around his neck for support and said in a sexy voice "hello there, when did you arrive" he staired deeply into her bright blue eyes. "I came across this village a few weeks ago…..

HI, writers note: in just taking a break for now, any ideas and feedback to this part of the story would really be appreciated…. I hope to continue soon…

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