Sleepy morning memories

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My eyes open and I awake from my sleep. I’m lying on my left side facing into the middle of the bed. Between me and the light coming in through the early morning window is you. You’re facing the same way as me, so all I see is your exposed back that’s not covered by the duvet. You’re completely still. My eyeline follows the curve of your outline from your neck over your shoulder and down to your waist and the small of your back where your two Venus dimples frame an inviting scene. After that you’re covered up with blanket, but already I know I need to get closer to you.

I wiggle in towards you to be your big spoon. You let out a comforting sigh the instant our skin touches and wiggle your hips into me so that there’s maximum body contact. My hands instinctively wrap around and envelop you, starting on your left shoulder and moving diagonally across your chest, in between your breasts, on to your right hip and down your thigh towards the knee as far down as I can reach. Your breathing continues to be relaxed, consistent and comforting. My hand moves back the opposite way, but before it reaches your shoulder you dip your head slightly and catch my thumb in your mouth. Very tenderly you start working it around your tongue, caressing and kissing it with your lips whilst continuing to quietly moan. All the blood in my body floods towards my crotch. I’m instantly hard; throbbing in anticipation of what’s to come. I’ve no idea how I’m managing to be so cool and restrained.

Your hips start rocking back and forth slowly and gently against me. I can feel myself rubbing against you. You’re starting to get wet. I use my left hand to guide myself up and down you, from your clitoris to your ass, making a sweet and slippery area between us. My eyes are closed which heightens every sensation I’m feeling. Then I feel you placing something against my leg. My right hand moves to see what it is. It’s lube. The thick one that we use for anal. Our eyes meet and you give me the sexiest smile and giggle once before turning back to face the window and start gyrating again. Those five seconds are the hottest I’ve ever experienced. Even though we’ve done this dozens of times before it’s always a shot of adrenaline straight to the depths of you.

I pump two squirts of the lube onto my right index and middle fingers and work it around so from nail to knuckle they’re covered. My hand moves down to your ass. The instant my finger touches the opening you let out a sharp intake of breath. It’s so hot. Very gently I start circling around and across your asshole. I can tell that you’ve moved your right hand down to your clit. With my middle finger I apply the smallest of pressure to the opening and the first centimetre of my finger disappears. Another sigh from you. Another pulsation in me. I continue to insert my finger until it’s halfway in, and I start gently circling it around, coating the lube in that tight and sweet place that I know only I’ve ever been. Then I do the same with my index finger. Then my middle finger again, and finally both at the same time and I can feel your body being receptive to my subtle movements. But it’s not enough for either of us. I slowly take out my fingers three more pumps of lube onto my dick: it’s a little cold but I know my body temperature must be through the roof. As I focus on the tip, you move your arm around and gently stroke me up and down a couple of times. I take over control and move myself back down towards you. It’s time.

As slowly as I can I push against your ass. It’s tight and resistant but the pressure is consistently applied as I inch in. I see you bite the corner of your lip as your eyes are closed. I stop after the first two inches are in as your catch your breath. After five seconds you back into me and the threshold is broken. Then I hear the moan – your spectacular, deep, gravelly, unabashed moan. Until now it’s been sighs and gasps, but anyone walking past our house would hear this through the open window.

It’s my favourite noise in the entire world, and it always will be. I’d bottle up that noise if it were possible, but you cannot re-create that noise or the feeling it induces in me. You continue to back into me, taking in about five of my eight inches. The view is sensational, my eyes moving between those venus dimples that set everything off and the sight of my dick disappearing into your ass. You back off nearly all the way before moving your body back towards me, this time I ever so slightly thrust towards you at the same time until I’m fully inside you. That moan again that morphs into an “oh my fucking god”. It really couldn’t be hotter.

After the first couple of thrusts we get into our groove: slow and rhythmic and sweaty and sensual, our bodies completely intertwined in each other. There’s no rush to speed things up – this is complete and utter bliss. My eyes are closed again, but my hands are moving across the blind parts of your body: caressing your breasts and focussing on your nipples, giving them a gentle pinch and pull, then moving my hand up to your neck which I’m holding firmly. I’m not choking you but you know you’re not going anywhere. Your hand moves up over mine and squeezes it – you want me to press harder. Intermittently I do whilst focussing on our rhythm.

Then I hear and feel the buzz begin – I’ve been so focussed on what I’m doing and seeing and touching that I didn’t see you reach for the vibrator. It’s just a simple pencil-style one, nothing fancy or especially strong, but it has an immediate effect. Within seconds the combination of the vibrator on your clit and my dick in your ass makes your gyrations and noises bigger. I feel you moving the vibrator all around and get some secondary effects. It momentarily glides across my balls, sending a shiver up my shaft. Then I feel the vibrations inside you: you’ve inserted the vibrator in your vagina whilst I’m in your ass – we have double penetration. I slightly alter my rhythm to compliment the movement of the vibrator as well – moving in when the vibrator is coming out and then back again in perfect opposites. It takes about 45 seconds for you to start writhing in ecstasy, so that you end up on your front with me almost completely on top of you. I feel your whole body convulse. On top of the groan it’s too much for me and I start to pull away. Then you utter the first voluntary words you’ve uttered today, “I need your cum in my ass”. You know this is my ultimate fantasy and will set me off. It takes no more than two thrusts for me to completely succumb and I empty a steaming, heavy, explosive load inside you as deep and hard as I can, holding your hips that are directly under me, as I let out a wail of desire myself.

We collapse in a sweaty heap with me still half of top of you. I want to go down on you and drink the cum out of your ass to feed it to you – I’ve never brought it up before but I think it’ll be hot. But I won’t get the chance. You kiss me full on the lips whilst holding my chin, “and good morning to you too” you say. We fall back asleep.

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