The Eternal Convention[femdom][non-con][fantasy][anime][sailor moon][sloppy kisses][MFFFFFF]

Alex woke up in his hotel room with a smile and a feeling of excitement. He had travelled from city to city to follow the Sailor Moon convention, and was at the final stop before returning home. He was looking forward to enjoying his last weekend of pretty girls in cosplay, and he ate a quick breakfast and hurriedly dressed and made his way down to the convention hall.

The sun was shining, and the world was right. Alex skipped down to the hotel lobby and walked down the long hallway toward the convention hall, whistling a joyful tune all the while. He made it to the double doors, and as they swung open, he was greeted with a familiar, yet exhilarating sight.

Hundreds of women of all races, sizes and ages, all dressed in Sailor Moon cosplay. A tall, leggy woman with milky white skin was dressed as Sailor Moon. Her tight white dress with short blue skirt and big red bow hugged her petite frame, and the long pigtails hung down from her blond wig. A small asian girl dressed as Sailor Mercury walked by with a sly smirk, her short blue wig shimmering in the fluorescent lights. Her blue thigh-high boots made her legs look longer than they were, and Alex followed her slim frame across the room.

There were hundreds of women, all in skimpy cosplay outfits of the same theme. Alex walked into the room, looking around at the various booths and vendors, trying not to stare at the bare legs and low cut dresses that paraded past him. He stopped at a booth near the front of the hall, where a beautiful young woman was signing autographs. Alex recognized her as a famous cosplayer that he had seen online. She was tall and curvy, with an ample chest and a round backside.

She was dressed as Sailor Mars, her short red ruffled skirt and her five inch stiletto heels accentuating her long, smooth legs. Her snow white skin was flawless, and the white satin gloves that she wore almost blended with her milly flesh. The royal purple bow on the front of her dress was barely a distraction from the round cleavage that popped out from under her tight outfit. Her dark purple wig flowed down her back, and matched the amethyst coloured contact lenses in her big, beautiful eyes. Her lips were glossy but natural coloured, and she looked up at Alex with a professional smile.

“You do great work, I’ve seen you at a couple of conventions but there was always such a line that I never got a chance to come by your booth.” As Alex spoke, he realized that, for the first time, there was no line of men a mile long at this Goddess’s booth. “Wow, yeah, now that I look around it seems like I’m the only one.

Alex looked around the convention hall, and suddenly realized that he was the only man amongst the crowd of costumed women. It was unusual, and Alex stopped for a moment to ponder the implications. After a second or two, Alex looked back toward the cosplayer that he was speaking with. She was staring at him without a word. Her eerie smile made Alex feel uneasy, and he looked around again to see that many of the women in his vicinity were standing still and watching him.

“Oh, uh, well can I maybe get an autograph real quick while I’m here?” He asked nervously. The model didn’t say a word, she stood up slowly and leaned over the table until she was staring into his eyes. Suddenly and without warning, she reached out and grabbed Alex’s t-shirt, puckering her lips and almost leaping over the table to tackle him.

Alex instinctively jumped back, just out of her grasp. He backed up a few steps and looked at the woman with a confused and startled expression on his face. She was crouching on top of her autograph table, in a predatory stance like a jungle cat waiting to attack its prey. Alex backed up more, feeling a wooden post behind him as he stared straight ahead.

“Wh-what the fuck?” He stuttered. “What in the hell are you doing?”

The cosplayer crawled over the table, sitting on the edge with one smooth leg crossed over the other. She leaned back on her hands, grinning devilishly at Alex as he hurried away. He made his way down the isle of booths, looking around and seeing woman after woman stopping to stare as he passed. He was still rattled from the awkward encounter, and as he wandered through the convention hall, his experience only became more strange. He was the only make in the entire hall, and the eyes of hundreds of costumed women followed him wherever he went.

A few moments passed, and the creepy vibe only increased as some of the women started to move in close to Alex. He tried to make his way through the crowd, but they all seemed to be gravitating towards him. He found himself back into a corner on the far end of the room, a group of Sailor Scouts surrounding him. An asian girl of average height stepped forward dressed as Sailor Mercury. Her dyed blue pixie cut sweeping across erbrow, and an eerie grin spreading across her face.

“Kiss me.” she demanded in a monotone voice. She stepped towards him, reaching out and running her gloved hands over his chest. “Kiss me.” She repeated, pushing herself up on her toes to give him a peck on the cheek.

Alex turned his head, avoiding her groping hands and her unwanted kiss. She smiled sweetly at him, her plain features enhanced by the blank expression on her face. Just as Alex thought this odd stranger was about to back off and leave him be, her face changed. She looked hungry, desperate, and she pounced.

“Kiss me!” She shrieked, jumping up like an agile cat and wrapping her legs around Alex’s waist. Her plastic knee boots squeezed as her knees dug into his ribs, her hands locked around his neck, and her lips covered every inch of his face and neck. She kissed him over and over, sloppy, wet kisses that didn’t stop no matter how badly he tried to resist. Alex tried to pry his attackers fingers from around his neck. He pushed her off of him, but her grip was too strong. Her lips were moist, and left pale lipstick prints all over his mouth and cheeks as she forced kisses all over him.

“Jesus Christ, get the fuck off me!” Alex cried out, tearing the woman's dress as he tried to yank her away from him. Finally he managed to pull her hands from around his shoulders, and she dropped to the floor with a thud. “Oh, oh my God, I’m sorry…but, what the shit?”

Before Alex could arrange his thoughts, two more women were grabbing at him. A short, petite Sailor Moon and a voluptuous redheaded Sailor Jupiter each clutched an arm from either side. They wasted no time, and each began to barrage him with kisses to both of his cheeks. He backed away and squirmed out of their grasp, realising that a group of at least two dozen cosplayers had surrounded him and were ready to attack.

“Kiss me!”

“I’m going to kiss you all over that face!”

“Pucker up, lover boy!”

They pounced. There were six girls at a time reaching out and grabbing at his clothes, pulling at him and puckering their lips as they tried to attack him with unwanted kisses. Alex couldn’t stop to think of what was going on, he had to get away. These women and their grasping claws were ripping his clothes, grabbing at his hair, and he was covered in saliva and various shades of lipstick. His senses were overwhelmed, and his heart was racing as he quickly looked around to spot an escape route.

“Get the fuck off me you psychos!” Alex screamed at the top of his lungs. He planted his heel, and barrelled through the crowd. He didn’t care if he hurt any of the girls, he was under attack and he had to get out of this madness. He ran across the convention hall, dodging costumed ladies that seemed entranced by his presence and trying to look over their heads to spot the quickest route to the front entrance.

“Don’t leave!”

“Just give me one kiss!”

“Please, please kiss me!”

He saw a small gap in the crowd, but he didn’t have much time. The long, manicured fingernails were scratching at his flesh, and the soft lips were suffocating him. He darted between them, zig-zagging and sliding through the gaps. He finally made it to the double doors, but when he tried to force his way through, they didn't budge. He looked down and saw a deadbolt holding the door closed, and he let out a sob.

“Wh-what? Oh my fucking God, someone is keeping me in here…” he whimpered, looking behind him. All of the women were standing behind, staring at him with evil smirks. “What the fuck are you all trying to do to me!”

“We want you to worship us.” A soft, monotone voice piped up from somewhere in the crowd.

“We want you to kiss us.”

“We want you. And we are going to have you, whether you like it or not.”

Their blank expressions and sinister smiles sent a shiver down Alex’s spine. His eyes darted, searching for a path through the group. He lunged forward, trying to bowl his way through the delicate bodies that filled the hall. He made it only three feet before they tackled him. The group of women dragged him down to the ground as he kicked and cried out.

“Help! Somebody out there, fucking help me! Get the hell off me you psycho bitches!” Alex screamed, using his arms to shield himself from the probing lips, tongues and hands.

A tall Sailor Moon with pale skin, long legs, and natural blond hair straddled him. She held him down, pinning his arms to the floor with her knees and running her hands over his chest while the rest of the group held his legs.

“Nobody can save you now, precious. You belong to all of us. It is time to worship these big tits just the way they deserve.” The Sailor Moon cosplayer teasingly fondled her own ample bosom, and smoothly pulled her tight, store-bought costume down until her bouncing breasts sprung free. Her round D-cup globes hung over Alex’s face, and she leaned forward and smothered him with her fleshy mounds.

“No! I can’t breathe, would you get the hell off me, I don’t want any of this!” Alex’s muffled words could barely be heard through the soft mammaries that suffocated him.

“Oh, you don’t get away that easy. Smother in these babies!” The girl cackled. All the women giggled at his struggle, and Alex felt the feminine hands all over his body. They fondled his crotch and clawed at his legs, their lips leaving kisses over every exposed bit of his flesh.

He couldn’t get free, and soon he felt his belt being unbuckled and his pants being unzipped. A dozen eager hands grabbed onto his jeans and yanked them down until his bottom half was exposed but for his black boxer briefs. He whimpered and whined, crying out for help through the large breasts that still covered his face. Sailor Moon sat back up, leaving Alex gasping for air as three or four other Sailor Scouts kissed all over his face and licked at his neck. Someone pulled his shirt open, tearing it apart and leaving him almost naked on the floor.

He couldn’t see through the crowd of women that were on top of him, but he felt a strange sensation against the soles of his now bare feet. Sailor Moon crawled off of him, and as he was held still by the group of feminine attackers, he looked down and saw a curvaceous Sailor Mars tickling his soles with her long, dexterous toes.

“Tickle tickle tickle!” She tittered, teasing his bare feet while he struggled against the hands that held him. He cried out for mercy, but the group only whooped and tittered. Her pedicured toes dragged up and down his sensitive soles, making him kick and wail. She found his most ticklish spots, caressing the curve of his arch with her big toes. She stuck her tongue out at him while she tortured his tender feet.

“Please! Oh for fucks sake please God, stop! Ha! I can’t take it!” Alex yelped and squealed at the torture, banging his head back agaisnt the floor in frustration. “Anything but this, please, I’m serious just anything but this!”

The dozens of women holding him down seemed to look at one another, and the Sailor Mars gave him one final tickle before her feet retreated. Alex took in a deep breath, his face red and sweat dripping down his temples. Were they finally having mercy on him? He thought he might be in luck, until he felt a pair of dainty fingers crawling up his thighs and hooking around the waistband of his boxer briefs.

“Ok, no no no, c-come on this is a public place! Plea-Please just…just stop this!” Alex stumbled over his words, in disbelief that these women would actually strip him naked in the middle of the convention hall.

There he lay, naked and exposed on the rough carpet. The women released him and sat back to stare at his vulnerable body. Alex covered himself with his hands as best he could, but he was humiliated and angry.

“Ok, ha ha, give me my clothes back!” Alex pleaded, tears welling in his eyes. The women all stood around him watching, and Alex knew that this was his moment to try to escape.

He stood up, his nude form mesmerizing the crowd of insane cosplayers. He looked to the back of the building and quickly noticed a service door into the hotel. He uncovered his manhood, flaunting it for all the women to see. He slowly walked through the crowd, pretending to show himself off to all of them as he tried to hold himself together. The embarrassment was almost too much to bear, but he knew that playing the game was the only way to escape. He kept walking, all of the girls reaching out for a touch of his limp, frightened cock. The hands were once again all over him, and when he was finally close enough to the door, he bolted.

Alex pushed the last few women out of the way, darting through the door and slamming it behind him. He was met with a set of stairs leading up, and he immediately hurried up the staircase. The tribe of scantily clad women found their way through the door very quickly. They chased him up the stairs, squealing and laughing all the way. Alex ran up one flight, two flights, five, all the way to the thirteenth floor. He crashed through the door, hundreds of women following behind him. He ran down the empty hotel hallway, and finally, he made it to his room.

He worried that he would be out of luck, as hotel doors always lock automatically, but when he tried the door it opened easily. He ducked into the room and slammed the door behind him, bolting the lock and fastening the chain. Within seconds, the mob was pounding on the door, and Alex turned around and slid down the door onto the floor, relieved.

“Oh fuck, fuck…what the god damn hell is going on out there?” He muttered to himself, his face in his hands.

“Well, I can answer that for you, honey.” A soft, feminine voice echoed from across the room.

Alex jumped, looking up to see the source of the voice.

There she stood. A tall, leggy woman with china skin and a flawless complexion dressed as Sailor Jupiter. Her green ankle boots dug into the hotel carpet, and her slender legs stretched up, ending under her green ruffled skirt. The tight white dress clung to her body, her toned stomach and round globes hugged tight by her costume. The big pink bow on the front was barely covering her ample cleavage, and her natural brunette ponytail hung over her left shoulder. Her eyes were a bright emerald green, but they seemed to glow more than any coloured contact lenses should. Her long white gloves formed around her slender fingers like latex, and her hands were on her hips as she stared down at Alex’s naked form.

“Wh-what the hell, how did you get into my room? Who are you? You…you know why this is all happening to me?” Alex had so many questions, he couldn’t keep one thought from overwhelming the others.

“Ha! Look at you, it seems you’ve finally gotten what’s coming to you.” The woman tittered. “You see, my poor little pet, you brought this all on yourself. You went to a convention a couple of months ago, and you saw me there. You gawked at me like the creepy little freak that you are. You stared at me, leering and drooling. You even followed me around for a while, watching every movement and staring at my ass and breasts every chance you got. Little did you know, there are women in this world that won’t just sit back and let disgusting men like you make them feel used and uncomfortable. Women like me have the power to teach you a lesson for how you act towards us. I’ve used that power to create all of this, just for you. An unending convention where you will be attacked, groped, raped for all eternity by the hungry young fangirls that you have seen as lesser than you. Now, you belong to them, you belong to us.”

Alex’s tears fell over his cheeks, and he shook his head in disbelief.

“N-no…that isn’t possible.” He whimpered to himself. Sailor Jupiter took his hand and guided him toward the bed. They sit together and he turns towards her with his hands around hers. “Please, oh God please! Make it stop, please let me go, I’m so so so sorry! I had no idea that I made you feel that way, I never wanted to hurt anyone, especially you! I won't ever act that way again. I swear to God, please make it stop.”

She smiled sweetly at Alex, gently wiping the tear from his face and brushing his hair from his eyes.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make your transition to sex slave a little easier on you. I’ll break you in before those hundreds of girls have their way with you.” Sailor Jupiter laid him down, naked and afraid. As she stood up and turned back towards him, he suddenly noticed something peeking out from under her skirt. A realistic nine inch strap-on dildo was tied around her hips. The veiny toy was thick and intimidating, and Alex’s eyes widened as he realised what was about to happen.

“Oh, fuck, no! Please please! Shit! Ok, you can’t do this, just let me go I swear to Christ I will be better!” Alex pleaded, tears in his eyes and a lump in his throat. He tried to jump up, but found that he couldn’t move.

“Don’t bother trying to escape, when I have my way with a boy, they lay back and take what they deserve.” Sailor Jupiter chuckled, climbing onto the bed and spreading Alex’s legs.

She looked down at her victim, grinning with contempt. She knelt in front of him and stroked her fleshy coloured tool, teasing him and torturing him as she pressed the tip to his puckered ass hole. He clenched and contracted his muscles, grinding his teeth as he prepared himself. He stared straight up at the ceiling, and as the pressure built, he let out an involuntary yelp.

“That’s it, you’ll take it dry and you’ll fucking like it.” She taunted, plunging the dildo deep into his colon.

Alex let out a high pitch squeal, gripping the comforter on the bed and pressing his head back into the pillow. His anus stretched, tearing and gaping as the toy invaded his most forbidden area. His solemn tears turned to pained cries of anguish, and Sailor Jupiter’s grin widened. She immediately began to hammer into him, pounding his virgin ass and digging her gloved fingers into his quivering thighs. Her aggressive thrusts and animalistic grunts made him feel like a toy, a doll for her to use and abuse however she liked. He knew that he was under her power, her control. He finally realised that this was his life now.

His backside was raw, dry, and sore. Sailor Jupiter let out a haughty laugh, fucking his ass and violating him in ways he had never imagined. She gripped his limp cock, stroking it until he grew involuntarily hard for a moment.

“You love it!” She taunted and humiliated him. “You want this. Look at yourself. Look!”

Alex looked down at his half-erection, obeying her demands so as not to incur more of her wrath. He knew that her forced handjob was the cause of his increased blood flow, but her words still cut into him.

“You are my toy! Your body belongs to us, and we are going to use you up until there's nothing left of you!” Her voice was gruff, and he could see the hate in her eyes glow with a burning, passionate anger.

Her thrusts got harder and more forceful, and her grip grew tighter around his shaft. Her fingernails nearly drew blood as she scratched at his chest with her free hand, and she chortled with a devilish smile. Alex shut his eyes tight, trying to imagine he was somewhere else. Somewhere safe. The banging on the door spread through the hall. The massive group banged and clawed at the walls of the hotel room, and Alex could hear the shrieks through the wall.

“We get you next, you belong to us now!”

“It’s never going to stop!”

“Over and over, using you forever!”

Sailor Jupiter laughed hysterically as Alex tried to cover his ears and hum to himself.

“There’s no point in trying to fight it. You will be raped and used as a dirty little sex slave for all eternity. Now, worship me!” She fucked his ass hard, grunting and wailing as the power and control over this pitiful slave pushed her to the edge of ecstacy. “Say it, tell me you are mine!”

Alex squeezed his eyes tight and but his lower lip as his sphincter stung and his insides burned. He shook his head and cried to himself, praying that when he opened his eyes he would wake up alone in his hotel room.

The pain was too much to bear. He sobbed and cried out in anguish, afraid and alone. He looked up at Sailor Jupiter, an expression of pleasure plastered across her vindictive face. Alex knew that it was no use. This was his life now. A life of pain, servitude, and a never ending sea of women who would treat as nothing more than a toy to abuse and gain pleasure from.

“I…I belong to you.” Alex conceded, looking into the glowing eyes of his Mistress. “I’m yours. All of yours. I deserve this.” The words caught in his throat, but he knew that it was the truth.

Sailor Jupitor threw her head back and let out a wicked laugh like a movie villain. Her twisted sense joy sent a shiver down Alex’s back, and she threw herself forward onto him. Her soft breasts enveloped his face, and she wrapped both of her arms around his head. She held him close, burying his face into her cleavage until he couldn't breathe. She continued to penetrate him, raping and gaping him while she suffocated him with her ample bossom. Her laugh echoed in his ear, and his muffled screams were almost completely inaudible.

Sailor Jupiter panted like a dog in heat, moaning as the experience brought her to climax. The strap-on pushed against her clit and she got off on the control she had over the pathetic man that she had so thoroughly destroyed.

“Yyyes! Your ass is fffucking mine!” Her voice cracked and trailed off into a drawn out moan as her orgasm overtook her. She gave Alex a few more deep, painful thrusts before pulling her toy from his tender hole and collapsing on the bed.

She looked over at Alex, chuckling and catching her breath as she watched him break down crying.

“Enjoy these few seconds my little servant, because now is the time that eternity begins.”

With that, Alex heard an eerie silence fill the room. He sat up and looked around to see that he was now alone in the hotel room. Sailor Jupiter was gone, and the banging and screaming from the hallway had disappeared. He thought, for a moment, that it had all been a terrible dream, but he soon realized that he was still nude and covered in scratches, and his backside hurt so badly that it reminded him what he had been resigned to.

The first noise he heard after the odd silence was the squeak of a door. He took a breath and swallowed hard before looking over at the door of his hotel room. The quiet melted away as the room faded away, and Alex found himself sitting on the floor in the same convention hall from which he had thought he’d escaped. The abandoned booths lined the walls, and the fluorescent lights shone down on him from above.

“You belong to us, and you always will.”

“We are going to use up that body forever and ever and ever.”

“You are nothing. Just a toy. Just a slave.”

You will worship us. Worship our bodies and please us in every way imaginable.”

The disembodied voices echoed through his mind, and Alex looked around at the hundreds of Sailor Scouts that circled him. Their creepy smiles and fixed stares focussed on Alex. He looked around, wondering why they were standing around him.

“Wh-what’s going to happen to me? Are you all really just going to rape me and use me…really, forever?” Alex whimpered. The same disembodied voices continued to penetrate his senses,though none of the mouths of the women seemed to move.

“Ours, forever.”

“Raping and using and abusing and playing.”

“Now, and for all eternity.”

Just as Alex thought that maybe he could find a way to get out of all of this, the stillness broke.

Every woman in the hall pounced on him. They groped and grabbed at his body, stroking his limp, frightened dick until he was back and forth between soft and involuntarily hard. They all had their way with him over and over. They made him do imaginable things, unspeakable things. He was forced to kneel and worship the bodies of hundreds of women. He licked them head to toe, begging for a drop of water when all he was given to quench his thirst was their feminine juices that he was forced to coax from their bodies with skillful techniques. He was whipped and spanked with a variety of riding crops and paddles until he was red and sore. He was pegged and raped with dildos up to twenty inches long. The only thing worse than the cnstant torture, was the voice that echoed in his brain that reminded him of why he was experiencing such terror.

“Worship them. Give yourself to all of them. They own your body, your mind, and your broken spirit. Remember that you brought this never ending hell upon yourself, and that you deserve every second that you are forced to spend in this limbo. You are nothing. You are a pig. A dog. A worthless worm that crawls on the ground. You are not human, a useless maggot that has only one purpose, to serve women. You are meant to worship these goddesses, to please and pleasure them as retribution for your disgusting male behavior. Serve them well, though nothing will save you from the perpetuity of your punishment. You are ours. You. Are. Slave.”

There were so many women using his body that he couldn’t recognize a single one. There seemed to be an endless supply of Sailor Scouts lined up to abuse this poor soul, and Alex lost count of his time in this hell after twenty-three months. Time stood still after that, and yet the torture was always varied and new. He was treated as a pet, gang raped over and over, and even made to violate himself as a group of the cosplayers watched and cheered.

The humiliation never stopped. The pain was never ending. And Alex was used for all time, in the eternal convention.

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